Oblako Hookah Bowls

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Hookah bowls serve different purposes – increasing the strength of buzz, more uniform heating of the mixture, rapid short-term smoking, comfortable scoring of any strength and composition of mixtures. Oblako hookah bowls are comfortable, aesthetic and unpretentious and will give you the best smoking experience. 



The most popular on the market right now is Phunnel. There is a volcano that prevents syrup and tobacco from entering the shisha shaft. The tobacco molasses does not go into the shaft, evaporating completely inside the phunnel. Such bowls give maximum evaporation of the mixture, providing a light and delicious smoke. The never dying classics – Turk bowls and their complex form Killer Bowls are a universal, time-tested tool for creating clogs on any mixtures, regardless of the strength and the shisha tobacco raw materials used. Flat-bottomed Oblako bowls are the newest invention, they have the shape of a phunnel, but at the bottom of them there are ordinary holes, as in classical Turks. They give a more uniform heating of the mixture, warming up the tobacco from the bottom. Working with them is very easy – they do not require experience, as in the case of phunnels. It is enough just to put tobacco in the air, as in a “turk” and enjoy a long and smoky smoke.



The classic ones – clay and ceramics are not only extremely popular, easy to use and affordable, but also have new additional elements to them. Clay can be double heated due to prevention of overheating and cracking during the smoking session. And ceramics can be glazed. Oblako uses only food glazes that are harmless to humans, developed in specialized laboratories located on the territory of one of the traditional centers for the production of ceramics in the village of Gzhelskoye. All products undergo quality control at every stage. Glaze can have as many colors as you can imagine – the combination of each glaze type creates unique results in every bowl.


Also there are special Oblako collaborations with the top creative artists that make special art lines with graffiti and cultural elements. On our website, as well as with the help of the round-the-clock customer service, you will find the best possible options for every hookah smoker.