Banger (25 gr) Tobacco

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In the spring of 2021, Timur Yunusov, better known as Timati, decided to launch his own Banger tobacco line in close collaboration with Burn, a three-time winner of the prestigious Tobacco of the Year award.
Banger is a full-fledged, independent product that has already loudly declared itself and attracted the attention of a fairly large audience and managed to surprise even the most sophisticated consumers, not to mention novice smokers.
Tobacco is packaged in a convenient jar, which is designed in a club style, which emphasizes the connection of the product with Timati. The weight of tobacco in a jar is 25g.
The jar marking is made using screen varnish and matte lamination, which makes it tactilely pleasant to the touch, and the holographic material used in the logo design attracts attention and glows in ultraviolet light.
Raw material
Based on a dark, low nicotine Burley leaf, it gives the product a comfortable enough strength, and is ideal for everyday smoking for almost any consumer.
In addition, tobacco has increased heat resistance due to the unique combination of glucose and fructose, which the manufacturer imports from Europe and America, which allows the consumer to get a long smoking time without losing taste and aroma.
High-tech production using American technology has improved the quality of tobacco.
The taste of tobacco is given by natural flavors and honey, which is added to the composition of the syrup to improve the taste characteristics.
Features of tobacco processing allow you to smoke it for 60 minutes without negative sensations.



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