Eros Hookah Bowls

Earn up to 10% with Eros Hookah Bowls and Eros NFT

Eros – The first digital collection of bowls released into reality

Eros – To the Gods from the Gods.

Eros is sex on the first date, it’s the attention of everyone around directed at you, eros is like driving a Rolls Royce.

Eros is like having sex in the back seat of your Porsche. It’s like bitcoin bought in 2014 and sold today.

Eros is life itself in its very beginning, and all this is within your reach.

Eros is an endless erection.

Money Making NFT of Eros GOD is your titled deed and sales agreement – first ever done in Hookah World!
Your own digital contract with manufacturer and your 100% ownership rights for the unique bowl, which will be a unique pieces of Art!
After you get your NFT, you just need to wait bowl manufacturing and than you will be able to purchase the bowl.
* NFT holders will be the first to have access to buy a bowl. If a certain number of bowls remain unpurchased, they will be available for free sale.

By Having an Eros NFT you are obliged for profit share from the Eros Company

You will get income from Each Sold Eros bowl.
Up to 10% per annum.
*Investment involves risk. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount originally invested.

How to Get an Eros Bowl at a 30% off

  1. Place an order for NFT EROS on our website or directly on Binance. 1 NFT entitles you to order 1 bowl! If you placed the order on the website, our manager will contact you to confirm the order and to pay for the token. If you have already purchased token on Binance, write to with NFT Eros in the subject, our manager will register your order and put you on the waiting list.
  2. On the day of release (TBA, March 2023), our manager will contact you and bill you for the remainder of the cost of the bowls – 60€/1 pcs. retail order and 39€/1 pcs. wholesale order, and will clarify delivery details.
  3. Wait for your EROS bowls within 3-5 days (EU)

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