Musthave Tobacco

Mastehav tobacco was first introduced at the Johncalliano festival in 2017. It is a brand that is produced by the Pogarskaya tobacco factory located in Russia. But it was worked on by experts from Europe, the US and Japan, and you can tell by the quality of the tobacco. After all, it really has individuality and unique features that make Masthead tobacco interesting in the hookah world. Despite the brand’s youth, Masthead tobacco has become popular in a matter of months. The stylish packaging not only attracts attention and advertises the products, but also provides protective properties for the tobacco. It contains 125 grams, which is also an unusual filling. But the main thing is the flavor, which helped the brand to quickly gain momentum. Today, Musthave hookah tobacco is sold in Ukraine and CIS countries, also it can be found in some European countries, in the USA.

Features of hookah tobacco Musthave
Musthave tobacco propertiesThe main feature of Musthave tobacco is a unique blend of tobacco leaves. They are collected from several countries at once. Burley tobacco leaves from Argentina, Malawi, Spain, USA and Italy are used. It is believed that these countries have the best Burley leaf varieties, providing excellent strength and natural flavor. The same leaf is used to make quality cigars. All leaves are collected, filtered, separated by type and size so that the impregnation is equal in one batch. A multi-stage testing technology is used to determine the quality of the raw material before it is used. Therefore, Musthave tobacco has an excise tax, which guarantees protection against counterfeiting. However, this is also a disadvantage – because its cost is somewhat higher than similar products without an excise stamp. Another feature of Musthave tobacco is its moderate strength. It is somewhat stronger than the usual products from Turkey or Europe, but weaker than Dark Side or Tangiers tobacco. The smoke is thick and rich, for beginners it will seem a bit strong, but you quickly get used to it. Therefore, we can safely say that the tobacco is universal, although slightly dizzying. Syrup content in Musthave tobacco is abundant, it is recommended to cook it on a Solaris cup or phanel-type bowls. You can also use silicone bowls, which are designed for tobaccos with a lot of syrup. In this case, squeezing is not required, because then the flavor will become weaker. Although, if you like natural tobacco flavor, this is not a bad way to prepare Musthave tobacco. Musthave hookah tobacco is a versatile product that is simple to score and enjoyable to smoke. A lot of smoke is formed, the flavor lasts for 50-60 minutes, then it weakens. But at the same time tobacco requires compliance with the rules of preparation, as its heat resistance is not too high.

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