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In our company you can order a hookah in full configuration of any size, different design and material. On our website you will find hookahs from popular and proven companies: Alpha Hookah, Maklaud, El Bomber, Union, Geometry, Hoob, Tortuga and others.

Our hookahs combine style and convenience, beauty and functionality, as well as the latest and unique materials. Mostly shihas are made of steel and plastic, which allows you to combine low cost and high quality, but the design often includes decorative elements made of glass and wood inserts.The models are mainly inspired by ancient and traditional Indian and Syrian shishas but with the addition of modern materials and technologies.

Hookah Materials

Stainless steel is the best choice. Because the material is the most durable of the existing ones. Its advantage is that it will serve you for many years and will practically not lose its original appearance, it does not oxidize, is not subject to corrosion and is easily cleaned of impurities. Shafts for designer hookahs are also made of borosilicate glass and plexiglass. Their advantages are that hookahs usually look elegant and unique. 

Shisha hoses can be braided and silicone. The braided hose looks interesting, but due to the fact that metal wire is used to maintain the shape inside the hose, it cannot be washed. Silicone hoses are the best choice. They do not absorb the smell as much as braided ones, and they can be washed.

The most common and practical version of the hookah glass vase is made from glass materials. Glass can be both transparent and multicolored. The shape of the glass affects only the design of the hookah. The wider and larger the glass vase bulb, the better stability will be.

The valve in the hookah is necessary in order to blow the shaft. When there is bitterness or an unpleasant taste, it is worth blowing into the hose. The purge system is both external and internal. The external valve is convenient because it can be unscrewed to rinse the hookah more thoroughly. The internal valve (the valve built into the base) looks more interesting, and also, as a rule, it blows the hookah better, since it has more holes. 

Materials used to make bowls: clay, ceramics, glass, silicone. Clay is the most common bowl material in hookahs. Red clay is considered the most heat-resistant. Clay can be covered with glaze, in this case the glaze heats up more, and gives more heat. Bowls made of glass are often used only in glass hookahs, they keep the heat bad, but they look beautiful. Silicone bowls are also popular, as are clay ones. They keep the heat very well, practically do not overheat, and are easy to wash.

Shisha Specifications

Stem diameter- the classic draft, in which you can effortlessly smoke a hookah, is the shaft diameter of 11-12 mm. The wider the diameter, the easier the pull. A diameter of 15 mm or more is considered a light draft. If you like light drafts, take a hookah with a shaft diameter of 15 mm. If you like to feel a little resistance when smoking a hookah, then a classic draft with a shaft diameter of 12-14 mm will suit you.

Total height – a variety of models have completely different heights. Innovative mini size  hookahs from Alpha Hookah with a height of 15-30 cm as they combine a clay bowl and a short shaft. Such mini hookahs for smoking 1-2 people are also popular models, their height reaches 45 cm when standing on a glass vase. Mini hookahs are convenient to transport, have a small weight and are low cost. Classic hookah for 3-4 people is 60-80 cm in height, however, there are models of hookahs for companies up to 10 people with a height of 140-160 cm. Whatever hookah you prefer, we are sure that you will be able to find any hookah you like on our website.