Cobra Tobacco

Cobra hookah tobacco is now presented in four lines of strength: Virgin (hookah blend) light, Origin (hookah blend) medium, La Muerte (tobacco) strong, Select (tobacco) light. Thus light and medium line is a hookah mixture based on green Chinese tea, but so qualitatively executed that no one can distinguish them from tobacco when smoking. The strong line is a tobacco blend of Virginia and Burley.

Cobra tea tobacco is a young brand that opposes traditional manufacturers.

The result was the appearance of the brand Cobra – tobacco-free hookah products based on tea, technological processes in the production of which make it very similar to hookah blends.

The raw materials are based on tea leaves from the Orange Pekoe category, as only they meet the characteristics presented to them in terms of leaf thickness, thickness and shape. They are long and pointed leaves, which are somewhat different from Flowery Orange Pekoe, which are young leaves with tips. Tips are the unopened buds of tea leaves, the number of which is used to judge the quality of the tea.

Cobra La Muerte – different from previous lineups, this is nice, high and strong. Do you know the feeling when the strength takes you softly and to your fingertips? Then you get it yourself. The line is for knowledgeable guys who are able to appreciate an honest and quality product without unnecessary shaking of the air.

Cobra Select is exactly the product the market has been waiting for. The lineup was as universal as possible, both in terms of flavors and price. The format is still the same – convenient zip-lock bags. And, yes – the excise tax is in place.

This means that the product is made entirely on tobacco raw material and without additional nicotine addition – it will suit even the most ardent adherents of traditions.

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