Shisha Tobacco

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Tobacco is the basis of any hookah ceremony. The quality of the smoke, the aroma and the overall mood of the company depend on it. To make your smoking session experience and provide the highest quality products we cooperate with the most popular brands.

Shisha Tobacco

In the assortment of our online store, we offer you the most popular shisha tobacco tastes and nicotine-free flavours. The newest product is made from tea leaves using high temperature technology until completely dry, and then soaked in organic additives and flavours. Honey and essential oils are used for impregnation. The composition of the filling also includes glycerin, which makes the smoke thick and dense. The basis for the creation of these mixtures are essential oil organic plants. Raspberries, cranberries, etc. can serve as raw materials. They are distinguished by natural flavours and at the same time are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. So when you are about to have your shisha sessions, you have to go for mixture. And use tea leaf based shisha flavour along with tobacco flavours, to get the optimal delicious taste and not to have it very strong, without hard buzz and kick.

Tobacco Mixture

What is included in the tobacco mixture for hookah? What we call “tobacco” is actually a “tobacco mixture”, because it contains not only dried leaves, but also other additives. These include:

  • Flavoring is a component that gives a unique taste to smoke;
  • Molasses is a component that gives the mixture a viscous consistency, does not allow the tobacco to dry out, and also contributes to the uniform distribution of heat through the mixture;
  • Glycerin is a component necessary for the density of smoke.
  • Tea leaf based flavours 

The main tea leaf shsiha flavor should be chosen from fruit flavors. It can be an apple, a peach, a watermelon, a cherry and a banana. And they can be complemented by a mixture of exotic fruits, as well as a monofilament – vanilla, coffee or something else. When making a mix, you need to remember an important rule – the main taste should dominate the proportion of the tobacco mixture.

The main tea leaf shisha flavor should be up to 80% of the total volume. And an additional one is to provide a pleasant aftertaste, its optimal ratio is up to 40%. But the ratio of tobacco based flavour 50/ tea leaf flavour 50 – may be unsuccessful, because sometimes it is difficult to maintain a balance and in the end you will not get the desired pleasant combination of flavors, but an incomprehensible mixture with questionable taste.

Tobacco Flavours

Apple. As the main flavor, one of the most popular is apple. Tobacco mixture with apple flavor has a pleasant sweet aroma, and green apple brings a sweet and sour aroma and lasts for a long time. Apple is combined in almost all flavors, so it can complement or diversify any mix. The most popular combinations with apple:

  • Apple 75% tea leaf flavour + Orange 25% tobacco
  • Apple 40% tea leaf flavour + Pear 40% tea leaf flavour + Liquorice 20% tobacco
  • Apple 50% tea leaf flavour + Cherry 50% tobacco

Orange. Citrus flavors are also popular. Orange, lemon, grapefruit will give a pleasant sourness to any mix, they mix perfectly with each other, as well as with cola, vanilla and mint. The most popular is orange, which has a bright taste and goes well with other citrus and spices:

  • Orange 60% tea leaf shisha flavour + Grapefruit 40% tobacco
  • Orange 50% tea leaf flavour + Cardamom 50% tobacco
  • Orange 40% tobacco + Strawberry 60% tea leaf flavour

Grape. Berry tobacco mixtures are also distinguished by their aromas. It can be strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, plums, wild berries or grapes. Strawberries will betray a soft unobtrusive sweetness, plums will add a sweet and sour note, wild berries have floral notes and a sweet aftertaste. The grapes in the mix will stand out with a sweet and sour aftertaste and its inherent aroma. Popular combinations with grapes:

  • Grapes 50% tea leaf + Apricot 50% tobacco
  • Grapes ⅓ tea leaf + Cherry ⅓ tea leaf + Melon ⅓ tobacco
  • Grapes 50% tea leaf + Raspberries 50% tobacco

Cherry. Many people like the sour-sweet aroma of cherries, it is used in the following mixes:

  • Cherry 75% tea leaf + Vanilla 25% tobacco
  • Cherry 50% tea leaf  + Cola 50% tobacco 

Watermelon. Summer tastes of melon and watermelon melons, with a bright taste and unsurpassed aroma will not leave anyone indifferent. These flavors are perfectly smoked solo, and not all flavors are combined in the mix:

  • Watermelon 50% tea leaf + Lemon 25% tea leaf + Mint 25% tobacco 
  • Watermelon 50% tea leaf + Melon 30% tea leaf + Mint 20% tobacco 
  • Watermelon 50% tea leaf + Wild Berries 50% tobacco 

Mint. The taste of mint is one of the most striking flavors used in hookahs, which is not smoked solo, but is added in a small amount to give the mix freshness. It is not recommended to put more than 1/4 mint tobacco in the bowl, otherwise mint will kill the other flavors:

  • Blueberry 40% tea leaf  + Lemon 40% tea leaf  + Mint 20% tobacco 
  • Lemon 40% tea leaf + Raspberry 40% tea leaf  + Mint 20% tobacco 
  • Cherry 50% tea leaf  + Peach 30% tea leaf  + Mint 20% tobacco 
  • Melon 60% tea leaf + Vanilla 30% tea leaf + Mint 10% tobacco 

Shisha tea leaf flavor can be used to reduce the intensity of hookah in hookah mixes. As we described in the previous text, you can make different mixtures yourself, for example:

  • Apple 75% tea leaf + Shisha flavor 25% tobacco 
  • Orange 50% tea leaf + Shisha flavor 50% tobacco 
  • Cherry 75% tea leaf  + Shisha flavor 25% tobacco 

The hookah tobacco mixes presented above are an example of combinations of the most popular flavors. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mix your favorite flavors, create your own unique new mixes. Order everything you need on our online website with worldwide shipping.