Hookah Bowls

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Hookah bowls serve different purposes – increasing the strength of scoring, more uniform heating of the mixture, rapid short-term smoking, comfortable scoring of any strength and composition of mixtures. Before buying a bowl, you need to decide what kind of tobacco you plan to smoke in it. After that, you need to choose whether the bowl must be compatible with kaloud or whether you plan to smoke on foil.

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Types of Hookah Bowls

Turkish is a classic with 5-6 holes on the bottom. Phunnel – with a volcano in the center of the bowl. Flat-bottomed bowls with a funnel shape but without a volcano and with several holes. ST type bowls in the shape of a barrel. Killer Bowl for maximum warming up of the sheet and increasing the strength of the scoring.

Classic shisha bowls of the Turkish type are a universal, time-tested tool for creating clogs on any mixtures, regardless of the strength and the shisha tobacco raw materials used. This form of hookah bowls is produced not only from ceramics, but also from silicone. This is a great option for those who do not want to professionally understand the hookah business, but only like to smoke from time to time.

In modern phunnels, there is a volcano that prevents syrup and tobacco from entering the mine. Such bowls give maximum evaporation of the mixture, provide a light, smokey and delicious smoke.Their peculiarity lies in the fact that with a smaller capacity they give the same duration of smoking as on classic hookah bowls. This is due to the fact that the tobacco juice does not go into the mine, evaporating completely inside the phunnel.

Flat-bottomed bowls of the cloud type have the shape of a funnel, but at the bottom of them there are ordinary holes, as in classical Turkish. They give a more uniform heating of the mixture, warming up the tobacco from the bottom. They are also suitable for any scoring, thanks to which they have gained great popularity.

ST, FOX bowls and other barrel-shaped are original thick-walled accessories with a flat bottom, giving the highest quality heating and prolonging the smoking time. Their capacity is slightly larger than in the Turkish, but thanks to high-quality heat distribution, they provide a more comfortable and rich smoke. Their outer walls do not get too hot, so the cup can be removed with bare hands.

Killer Bowl is a thick-walled accessory in cloud-shape consonant, but more massive. They require good warming up, but they increase the strength of any clogging due to more intensive warming of the mixture and the release of nicotine from the sheet.

Shisha Bowls Materials

Shisha bowls can be:

  • clay, 
  • ceramic, 
  • glass, 
  • silicone, 
  • electronic. 

Clay – in the process of smoking, clay does not overheat as much as ceramics, which allows you not to constantly control the temperature of smoking. Many clay bowls are quite durable and cheap, which will definitely be their plus. Ceramics – the bowls do not absorb foreign odors, which allows them to practically not change the taste of the hookah in any way. Glass – also doesn’t absorb the taste of the hookah, designed to ensure transparency in the control of the tobacco evaporation process. Silicone – cheap and easy to use, suitable for all beginners in the hookah industry. Electronic – is a  novelty for the market. The bowl is installed on the top of the shaft, the liquid for smoking is poured into it and that’s it – there is no need to prepare tobacco.

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