Ice Frutz Tobacco

Ice Frutz hookah gels have gained popularity as a less harmful alternative to tobacco. They are produced on the basis of natural glycerin and flavorings without adding nicotine. Under the influence of temperature, the liquid substance turns into a thick and strongly flavored smoke that is safe for health. Due to the absence of nicotine, Ice Frutz smoking molasses is not addictive. Despite this, it provides a great taste sensation, almost indistinguishable from tobacco, and a long smoking time.

The Ice Frutz jelly maker offers many different flavors, and some of them reflect the most popular flavors of well-known tobacco brands, so everyone is sure to find something for themselves.

Because of its liquid consistency, a phunnel or vortex bowl is recommended for Ice Frutz jelly, which prevents molasses from getting into the shaft and flask, thus increasing the smoking time.

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