Hookah Mouthpieces

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The mouthpiece in the hookah is designed for cooling smoke and precipitation of resins and harmful burning impurities which are setting during condensation on the walls of the mouthpiece. 

Types of the Hookah Mouthpieces

The main mouthpiece is that metal or plastic part that is attached to the end of the hose and which you hold when smoking. Stainless steel is resistant to all types of corrosion and also does not change its properties when exposed to high temperatures. Steel does not absorb the taste and smell of tobacco and is also well cleaned and will serve you for many years with proper care. But in the purely style of luxury, you can also find mouthpieces made of steel entirely covered with cherry or walnut wood, how cool is that? Stainless steel also can be fun – up to the 20 colors of powder paint that are decorated with patterns created by the top art creators which are applied to parts by means of laser engraving.


A disposable or personal plastic mouthpiece is a removable part of the main mouthpiece, which is intended exclusively for personal use in order to prevent diseases and infections from other people. They ensure maximum hygiene of hookah smoking in a company of several people and are also expendable and cheap.


Personal mouthpiece. Real hookah people put an individual hookah mouthpiece on their neck. Such a tip is intended only for them and for no one else, so it always remains clean and hygienic. A big plus is that they can be washed and used for a long time. They are made of metal or wood with the addition of silicone.Truly unique personal mouthpieces are made by their curly inserts made of glass in the form of skulls and snakes, however, in our store you can find steel mouthpieces covered with wood with inserts made of real natural marble.


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