Hookah HMD & Kalouds

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In order to get a great hookah smoking experience it is necessary to properly and qualitatively prepare a hookah for smoking. Hookah heat management devices will help you with this.


Kaloud is a special device for controlling heat, which has replaced the classic foil. It consists of a container with walls and a lid in which hot coals are placed while also ensuring safety by preventing coal from falling out of the bowl. The features of the structure allow the heat to be equally distributed, and it is also easier to regulate it with a lid. Aluminum is a traditional material for Kaloud, it has a high heat transfer. A special system of holes is created specifically for the conditions of constant passage of air, making tobacco burning almost impossible, also creating a strong stable smoke draft.


Heat management device (HMD) is a heating system designed for an “open” heating setup, i.e. without a top lid. It provides protection against tobacco combustion and ash ingress. Accurate flavor and longer process without changing the bowl. The additional element that makes it even more comfortable to use is the cold handle. Handle is made from stainless steel and covered in resin or plastic, due to the small diameter handle letting the heat out from its surface and never overheating. 



These hookah elements are made from aluminum and stainless steel. They are resistant to water and temperature, they can be washed with any detergent, they do not absorb the taste and smell of tobacco, making each new smoking session unlike the other. Plus you have an option to order the newest Alpha hookah Forks to move around charcoal or tobacco with an unique design made with top creators. 


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