Geometry Hookah

The Geometry Hookah has a stylish and modern design, and most importantly, it is impeccably made. The quality of metalwork, coloring, woodwork is simply amazing. There are models that are sharpened and cut for 4 hours and this time is spent on the manufacture of one mine. Simple models are made faster, but you can still see that the work in their manufacture was done a lot of hard and labor-intensive.

All parts of Geometry hookah are perfectly polished and painted. The coloring of the hookah is many times better than that of such a best-seller as Alfa X, the quality of which is getting worse and worse every time, but not about this nonsense now, it’s just for example. In fact, on the quality of coloring and processing, hookah Geometry and compare that nothing to compare with. And it’s not even the fact that a huge palette of colors and variants of text application, but it is in the quality of the coloring itself, in its application technology.

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