Tabu Tobacco

Hookah mixture Tabu is produced in the city of Krasnodar. It is based on tea, namely – carcade leaves, native to Africa! The mixture, accordingly, turns out to be red in color. The leaves are boiled for a long time with the addition of molasses and glycerin, and then sent for fermentation with the addition of flavorings. The aromatics themselves are European.

The Tabu hookah blend is in a zip-lock bag. It opens easily and the lock is made strong enough, not torn. Inside is 50 g of the mixture. The packet has a nice black design with the glossy Tabu logo standing out. In the corner of the packet there is a sticker with the name of the flavor, but you can’t re-stick it (and you don’t need to)

Hookah mixture Tabu has a light strength, tasty and bright aromatics, which smell from the packet very attractive. When smoking the flavor is transmitted clearly, plays well in mixes between themselves and other tobaccos. During an hour the flavor is not lost – a proven fact. Smokiness is quite sufficient. Since hookah mixture Tabu is a light product, it does not hit the throat, does not cause any unpleasant sensations or bitterness. It holds the heat perfectly and easily recovers. The aromatics lay down well.

The consistency of Tabu hookah mixture is pleasant to work with: a medium, wet cut, but not sticky to the fingers. You can score quite fluffy (but it will not add much strength). It is better to hammer in touch, then the flavor is as rich as possible and you can squeeze out all the strength.

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