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The taste of hookah depends on literally everything. Starting with the tobacco itself and its taste, ending with the type for hookah vase. All this significantly affects the smoking process and allows you to conduct an unlimited number of experiments in search of the best options for yourself. On the website of our online hookah shop there are many models designed to make your smoking session experience and provide the highest quality products. We cooperate with such brands as: Vesselglass, Hookawell.

Hookah Vase Materials

The main feature of the shisha vase is to filter and cool the smoke by means of a liquid, so that the vase shape practically does not affect the final result. From the point of view of the materials used, basic glass vases with a seal are considered the best flasks for hookahs — this is the quintessence of positive qualities and ease of operation. They do not absorb odors, are easy to clean and convenient to use. Also, their pleasant advantage is the fact that the glass remains transparent, which allows you to monitor the water level.

Bohemian glass. Such models are much more expensive than vases that are made of ordinary glass. This is due to the fact that Bohemian glass is more durable, although it does not protect against “breakage” by 100%. They are distinguished by a stylish appearance and a blown muzzle of bright shades. Crystal vases. A hookah with a crystal vase attracts users for aesthetic reasons. Wood. The first vases for hookah were made from coconut shells, so the execution of flasks using wood is a tribute to traditions. Now the market is dominated by vases with flared designs of mahogany. Plastic. These models are the most durable of the listed and have a low cost. Metal. These models have a stylish appearance, but over time, without proper care, they can rust, which negatively affects the taste of smoking.

Vases Sizes

The volume of the vase is not the most important parameter, unless we are talking about compatibility with the hookah shaft. The size of the vases can be divided into three groups:

  • Low vases. Their volume is less than 250 ml. They do not cool the smoke well and the draft through them is heavier. In the presence of a high shisha shaft, they create an unstable structure, but they are perfectly suitable for desktop mini hookahs.
  • Medium vases. The optimal choice and the golden mean in the world of hookahs. They are used for shafts less than 29 inches tall, which are immersed in the vase by 1 inch, but do not reach the bottom.
  • High vases. They are used for bulky shafts whose length exceeds 30 inches. The point is to create a counterweight to avoid the hookah falling, as well as the proper distance between the bottom and the end of the shaft. Due to the large volume of air above the liquid, it has a light draft, which not everyone likes.

What to Put into a Shisha Vase?

The taste of smoking depends on both tobacco and the liquid in the vase. The classic option in shishas, of course, will be pure filtered water. However, to achieve new flavors, hookah bars recommend using juice, wine, cognac and milk in conjunction with various tobacco. It also helps to add ice to the basic glass vase with water, which contributes to additional cooling of the smoke. 

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