Nash Tobacco

High-quality tobacco of the NASH brand is produced on the basis of Burley leaves. Preferentially used raw materials are finely cut, so users do not have to spend time and effort to prepare the raw materials for smoking. The tobacco of this brand belongs to medium strength products, so it enjoys wide popularity both among smokers with experience and among those who are just beginning their acquaintance with hookah aesthetics.

The brand’s lineup features many variants of smoking blends that differ in their flavors and packaging form. Each individual flavor is original, as natural as possible, opens brightly even with a weak filling. The domestic manufacturer is constantly working on expanding the flavor range, allowing you to create more and more original mixes that fully correspond to preferences. Buy tobacco in Moscow can be in cans of 40 and 100 grams, from which the price depends.

The strength of tobacco NASH
According to the official classification, smoking mixes of the brand NASH belong to strong products. At the same time, due to the special processing of raw materials, including the use of unwashed leaves, tobacco smoke has a high strength, but still has a certain enveloping softness during smoking. Due to the peculiarities of filling and combination of different flavors it is possible to control the degree of strength, making the hookah more mild or, on the contrary, aggressive and stupefying.

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