Hookah Accessories

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The hookah preparation stage is the most important, because the result of the smoking session depends solely on it. In order to provide you with the highest quality and the best smoking experience we cooperate with the best brands. Smoking a hookah allows you to relax and have fun, but in order for a smoking session to be truly unforgettable, it is necessary to properly and qualitatively prepare a hookah for smoking. Convenient and useful hookah accessories will help you with this.

Shisha Accessories

Kaloud. The kaloud allows you to keep the temperature of the coal while also ensuring safety by preventing coal from falling out of the bowl.

Coal Heater. Professionals use this accessory for uniform ignition of coal, coal does not spark as when ignited by a blowtorch, which also increases the safety and comfort of the shisha preparation process.

Hookah tongs. An indispensable accessory made of stainless steel allows you to shift, move and flip the coal ensuring its even burning.

Mouthpiece. Often comes fully equipped with a hookah, however, they often need to be replaced. Also, the mouthpiece is not only convenient but also beautiful, in same hookahs it is custom and made from stainless steel and plastic, but also wood.

The diffuser. This accessory solves the problem by making a loud sound of water gurgling in the hookah. Many smokers like this characteristic sound, however, the diffuser can reduce its intensity by splitting and crushing the smoke bubbles. As well as diffuser control your purge strength from hard to easy.

A stand for a vase. Ensures the safety of smoking by preventing the vase from slipping or tipping over. A mandatory accessory for smoking in the company.

Connector or sealer or junctions or grommets. Without this part, the hookah will not be sealed, the draft will be weak, the taste intensity is low and there is little smoke. 

Vases, bowls and tubes. It is always necessary to have spare ones in case your vase breaks, bowl cracks from the heat or the company needs additional tubes.

Adapter. If your hookah has an outlet for only one tube with the help of an adapter, you can increase this number to two or four.

Cleaning brushes. Do not forget that a good hookah requires proper care. You should pay special attention to cleaning the hookah and all its components after each shisha smoking session.

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