Hookah Charcoal

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The choice of charcoal for a hookah is an important issue. The quality of coal greatly affects the feelings that you will get from the smoking process. A well-chosen hookah charcoal will make the taste of smoke softer, and will be harmoniously combined with the aroma of tobacco. To provide the best quality as possible and the best smoking experience of your life, we cooperate with such brands as: Oasis, Carbopol, Rock Cube.

Currently, there are the following options of charcoal for smoking shisha:

  • natural charcoal (coconut charcoal for hookah, wood);
  • chemical (self-igniting);
  • electric.

Natural. This is coal of natural origin. Coconut charcoal is made from coconut shells, walnut shells, and wood charcoal is made from different types of wood. The aroma of natural charcoal harmonizes well with the taste of hookah tobacco.Β Natural coal is ignited on a special burner or on a tile for about ten minutes. The firing of such coal is from half an hour to forty minutes. It is necessary to ignite the coal at the beginning, then it will burn smoothly and for a long time. Charcoal, the most popular shisha product in Russia, is made from different types of wood. Even such exotic breeds as olive, lemon tree, and vine can be used. Each variety has its own unique flavor.

Chemical. Chemical coal is also called self-igniting. It is made from saltpeter, dry alcohol. It is ignited with the help of an open fire in just a few seconds. This coal can also spark during ignition, so you should be careful with it. In addition, such coal may have a specific unpleasant “chemical” smell and burns for less than 30 minutes. This type of coal is better suited for use in “camping” conditions, if there is no tile at hand and there is no time to bother with ignition for a long time. Chemical coal is the most budget option.

Electric. A modern and safe option. In addition, it is environmentally friendly. Electric coal is a device consisting of a heating element and a power supply. Electricity is needed to use it. Usually it is a spiral that connects to an outlet. This spiral is placed on a tobacco shisha bowl covered with foil. After turning on the device, the spiral begins to warm up and heat the air around it. If you evaluate it from the point of view of cost, this is a rather expensive type of coal for a hookah. But you can buy it once and use it for a very, very long time. It is suitable only for rooms with constant access to electricity. On our website, as well as with the help of the round-the-clock customer service, you will find the best possible options for every hookah smoker.