Oblako Phunnel L Basic (White Clay)

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Phunnel L Basic is a classic plywood in the “accordion” form factor (Harmony is the original name of the first American plywood with straight sides).

Fanel is a single hole bowl with a volcano in the center, its distinctive feature – the air does not pass through the tobacco, and the syrup from the tobacco does not flow down the shaft.

Features of this model:

Milk firing protects the bowl from absorbing syrup, which better effect on its durability
Unlike glazed bowls, it redistributes heat more evenly throughout the bowl
Oversized size for smoking in a company for an hour and a half or more
The cup is good for flavor plugs of any wet tobaccos. The harder you press the tobacco inside the bowl (thereby hammering in more tobacco), the more the taste will be, and the less alcohol will be.

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