Ocean Sixty8 (New) Hookah Bowl

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The Ocean Sixty8 Phunnel M dotted head Deep Blue is the next round.


As already known, the name OCEAN Sixty8 was derived from the depot diameter, which is 68-70mm. The new version M dotted has a depot diameter of approx. 65mm and a depot depth of approx. 12mm, which corresponds to a depot of medium depth. The Phunnel holds about 15-19g of tobacco, depending on the type and construction. The wide and deep depot also offers you a lot of surface to heat your tobacco. This not only gives you a more intense taste but also a longer smoking time. Sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours are possible here with the right tobacco. All standard HMDs in the Kaloud Lotus format fit. Aluminum foil with or without a screen is also a good working and recommended setup.


The silhouette has Ocean DNA and is visually based on our Magnolia smoke column. As a result, the long body fits comfortably in the hand 


The Ocean Sixty8 Phunnel M dotted head Deep Blue was handcrafted in Russia. No head is 100% like the other. Each head is a unique piece with character. The course of the glaze cannot be determined and always looks different!


Possible setups:

– HMD eg: Kaloud Lotus or similar (except OneSmoke) with 2 to max. 3 coals
– Armored aluminum foil with round holes 2-2.5 cm from the edge to the middle. No punching over the phunnel hole! Place 3 charcoals directly on the foil or on a sieve, AOT or similar.
– Designs such as over packing, loose (fluff), stuffed, brim high or 2mm below the brim are essentially dependent on the tobacco, everything is possible!
– Thanks to the glaze, you can get good results with the Sixty8 even with less heat, since the heat is evenly distributed in the depot. Less is often more, so try it out and find the right temperature for your tobacco and setup!


Scope of delivery:

-1x OCEAN Sixty8 Phunnel M dotted head


Note: Clay is a natural product. Therefore, there may be deviations in grain and color from the photo. Cracks in the glaze are normal due to the material and do not represent a defect. Even if the heads bleed after use, this is no reason for complaint. 



Height: about 11cm

Outer diameter: about 7cm

Inner diameter: about 6.5cm

Depth of tobacco depot: approx. 1.2 cm

Volume: about 15-19g



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