Alpha Hookah Hexagon (Design) Ashtray Protective Screen

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Coals will last longer with HOVER ashtray protective screen.
The main advantage of the new device is that it allows the coals to keep the heat. Oxygen comes to them from all sides due to the fact that the grid “floats” at a distance of 5 mm from the saucer. Burning lasts much longer.
With HOVER it is convenient to throw off ashes. It will crumble into the mesh holes and remain on the plate.
The device is presented in 2 versions:

▪HOVER cyber is another accessory based on the limited cyber version of the MODEL X hookah.

▪HOVER gexagon – the grid imitates honeycombs and demonstrates the symbiosis of nature and new technologies.
Both versions are adorned with stylish laser engraving and look futuristic.
Nets fit X, S and BEAT models



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