Na Grani AL (universal hmd) HMD

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Everyone has long known the NA GRANI company as the progenitor of the stainless steel heat controller. We set a new trend, the market realized that you can make a reliable and cool device that gives more heat, while looking great.
And while other manufacturers followed our trend and began to develop a product line of stainless steel controllers, we decided to release our new aluminum heat controller, which has the following advantages:

– affordable price;
– smooth soft heat;
– allows you to achieve a smooth flow of nicotine into the body when smoking strong tobacco;
– great for non-heat-resistant tobaccos, for example, based on the Virginia variety;
– is the best choice for beginners.
On the one hand, our novelty is a budget product, on the other hand, it is a super-quality tool for hookah masters and just hookah lovers, which allows you to vary the style of smoking and methods of driving (stainless steel for more intense heating, aluminum for softer). This is not an alternative to stainless steel, but a great addition.
Net weight: 65 grams
Gross weight: 150 grams

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  1. Lola

    The best HMD! I use only it

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