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Seals are what connects the body of your shisha pipe to the vase, so El-Badia has a range of different sizes on offer to fit the majority of existing types of shisha pipe.


34/3/2 SOFT/RIGID: soft or thick seal
– compatible: most traditional, Russian, Brazilian type shisha pipes, with vases such as RUSSIAN SPIRIT for example, also MYA (QT, VENTO, BAMBINO, MINI MYA, etc)
– inner diameter 34mm
– thickness 3mm
– groove 2mm


33/4/2 SOFT: soft seal
– compatible with: CELESTE JUNIOR 2.0, CELESTE 2.0
– inner diameter 33mm
– thickness 4mm
– groove 2mm

34/5/2 RIGID: rigid seal
– inner diameter 34mm
– thickness 5mm
– groove 2mm

33/2/5 SOFT: soft seal
– inner diameter 33mm
– thickness 2mm
– 5mm groove

27/2/3 SOFT: soft seal
– compatible with: MOB HOOKAH 9MM
– inner diameter 27mm
– thickness 2mm
– groove 3mm

30/2/1 SOFT: soft seal
– compatible with: EL-BADIA XS
– inner diameter 30mm
– thickness 2mm
– 1mm groove



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