Chicha Celeste

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Launched by EL-BADIA in 2006, the CELESTE ® hookah has become over time the most widespread model of hookah with an iconic design in the world. Created with the aim of breaking codes, the CELESTE ® shisha very quickly became the reference for the “general public” shisha, first imposing itself in most shisha bars in France, then gradually among individuals, whether they are novices or not.

The CELESTE ® hookah is known for its great robustness thanks to a conical acrylic vase, which guarantees perfect stability. In addition, the compact size of this model combined with its solidity and lightness, makes it a truly transportable shisha.

Today EL-BADIA wanted to develop the CELESTE ® shisha pipe, without touching its iconic design characterized by the 3 acrylic balls, but by making improvements in terms of style and functionality to accentuate the timelessness of this large shisha classic.

The new CELESTE ® hookah is available in a series of very trendy colors with flashy or sober tones, which will please everyone.

It is now fully equipped and ready to use, since it is supplied with a phunnel bowl compatible with the KALOUD LOTUS ® heating system but also with aluminum for classic preparations, and is equipped with a flexible silicone as well as a metal handle matching the color of the hookah.

Perfectly modular, the CELESTE ® hookah is compatible with most pipes, heat management and accessories on the market: whether it is the QUASAR RAAS ® thermal fireplace, or the KALOUD LOTUS ® heating system, KALOUD SAMSARIS ® fireplaces, chimney systems ( Dragon, Badcha, Brohood). A diffuser is also available as an option, making it possible to increase the fluidity of the print.

And because the CELESTE ®, a victim of its great success, is the most copied shisha model in the world, a serialization solution using very advanced technology affixed to each box makes it possible to verify the authenticity of its CELESTE ® shisha by simply going to with your smartphone.

The new CELESTE ® shisha will therefore be even more today the fetish shisha, the travel shisha, the lounge shisha, the shisha between friends, the outdoor shisha, the shisha of your favorite lounge, or your best gift!

SIZE 45 cm
BASE acrylic
BOWL Phunnel
HOSE silicone & aluminum handle
TONGS included
GROMMETS Integrated sealing
BRUSH body provided
FIXING with rubber
COMPATIBLE Kaloud Lotus ®
OTHER silicone hose connector included


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