El Bomber Katana (Design) Hookah

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Ease of use.
The model is completely collapsible. The cone for the bowl and the immersed part of the shaft with the diffuser are attached to the ideal threaded connections. For compactness and convenience of a sink, the central part folding.
The hose connector uses a unique magnetic mount to keep out moisture and molasses. As a result, the magnet does not corrode and will not require replacement over time.
All parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials: stainless steel AISI 304, high quality polyacetal. Heat-resistant paints and varnishes with better adhesion for selected materials have been selected. All components are manufactured on high-precision equipment with numerical control.
Unique technical properties.
Hookah lovers and their regular fans prefer El Bomber, noting the extraordinary design, unique “straight” and “dense” draft.
Such properties were achieved due to the design and well-chosen flow sections.

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  1. Eddie

    So beautiful! I’m really fond of it!!!

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