Embery Wood Envolve Silver Snow Shisha Pipe

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The EMBERY WOOD ENVOLVED SILVER SNOW shisha pipe is a real gem that delights high-end hookah collectors.
The EMBERY WOOD ENVOLVED SILVER SNOW shisha pipe is 70 cm high, the stem is made of stainless steel and it features a wood and metal body. The glass vase flares towards the base making it highly stable. There is a thread system to connect it to the vase.
Comes with a silicone hose and an EMBERY mouthpiece as well as an EMBERY bowl.

The stem’s wide diameter gives it exceptional lightness on the draw. The characteristics of the materials used make it easy to clean this shisha pipe over time.

EMBERY is not just a brand of shisha pipe or a manufacturer, strictly speaking it’s a true design studio, dedicated to design and innovation in the hookah sector. As a true laboratory of modern art, this Ukrainian company designs shisha pipes and accessories with an innovative and contemporary design with one common goal in mind – revolutionising the traditional appearance of hookahs to make them an item that fits with the times with combinations of materials and innovative techniques, while focusing closely on the products’ functionality.

EMBERY is definitely committed to a process of shisha pipe creation and improvement that will delight the most discerning amateurs.

SIZE 70 cm
BASE glass
HOSE Silicone


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