First Hookah Core Light (sleek design) Hookah

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Medium sized hookah.
With unique 2 ways smoke blow out system
Fully collapsible model.
Fully rust proofed.
High quality soft touch silicon hose.
Stainless steel shaft & polyacetal.

Hookah set includes: shaft, ashtray, mouthpiece, junctions, diffusor.

A model with an elegant and minimalist appearance whose main feature is the pad that changes the point of exit of the smoke to offer several purges.
The Core Light model is positioned as the most prestigious model of the Russian manufacturer, with a highly careful manufacturing process. This Core model is made of stainless steel and combining design with an engraved polymer coating of the highest quality, treated by hand to give it a unique elegance and smoothness along the shaft that includes its distinctive engraving. In addition, it includes a removable diffuser to offer you the most pleasant smoke possible and a stainless steel mouthpiece with exclusive engraving. The Light model guarantees elegance in a simple monochrome design with a special and exclusive engraving.



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