Matt Pear Simple M (Magnetic Hose Connection) Hookah

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The name of the line is Simple M, which translates as simple or ordinary, elementary. Indeed, everything elementary is simple. Beauty does not require complex shapes and lines, it can be laconic and natural, like the outlines of this hookah. Of course, its advantages lie not only in its cute design.

The ports of the hookah are equipped with updated neodymium magnets, so even over time they dock to the shaft as firmly and reliably as when they were first used. The universal removable diffuser allows you to adjust the draft mode, making smoking softer or more saturated, and also dampens loud sounds, which provides additional comfort.
For the manufacture of parts, a special grade of steel is used that meets all world quality standards. It is an environmentally friendly, safe and reliable material.

Hookah set includes: shaft, ashtray, hose, mouthpiece.



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