Y4 Hookah Rush Shisha Pipe

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The Y4 RUSH shisha pipe is made in Russia from quality materials. The metal parts are made of highly durable stainless steel and the black parts are made of polyacetal, a thermoplastic known for its high resistance to wear.
Standing 49 cm high for a weight of 1.2 kg, the Y4 RUSH differs from other shisha pipes because of its purge system. In fact, when you empty the smoke out of the vase, it exits via a perforated grommet located on the stem. The Y4 RUSH shisha pipe is attached to the vase via a gasket system.
The removable diffuser means you can enjoy a smooth, quiet draw then switch to a more powerful draw whenever you want.
The shisha pipe comes without a bowl, mouthpiece or hose.

SIZE 50 cm
BOWL not included
HOSE not included
TONGS not included


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