Adalya Mix Glycerine

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Amplify your tobacco’s flavour with ADALYA MIX. The bottle contains flavoured glycerine.
Love 66, Mint, Swiss Bonbon and Double Melon are just some of the flavours from the ADALYA brand which made it so famous, and now you can discover this tobacco in the form of molasses.
The ADALYA MIX is a product intended for several uses – either for refilling shisha stones such as SHIAZO, STEAMSTONES, etc. or simply to add some flavour to your ADALYA tobacco.
Please note that the ADALYA MIX is not a ready to use product, so you will need to leave your stones or tobacco to soak in the ADALYA MIX for at least 24 hours.
Each bottle contains 170ml of molasses for a weight of 200g.


Double Apple: blend of apples
Blue Ice: frozen blueberry
Blueberry Mint: blueberry and mint
Blue Dragon: blueberry, dragon fruit and mint
Bluemoon: blueberry
Cactus: cactus fruit
Cherry Mint: cherry and mint
Chewing Gum With Cinnamon: cinnamon chewing gum
Cola Dragon: cola and lemon
Endless Flirt: blueberry, mango, passion fruit and mint
Double Melon: melon and watermelon
Freshberry: fruits of the forest and mint
Frosty Apple: fresh green apple
Grape Mint: grape and mint
Green Lemon Mint: lime and mint
Hawai: pineapple, mint and mango
Ice: fresh mint
Ice Bonbon: candy and mint
Lady Killer: melon, mango, fruits of the forest and mint
Lemon Pi: lemon pie
Lime on the Rocks: lime and icy mint
Love 66: melon, passion fruit, watermelon and mango
Mango Tango: mango and passion fruit
Mango Tango Ice: Mango, passion fruit and fresh mint
Maracuja: passion fruit
Mint: mint
Orange Mint: orange and mint
Peach Mint: peach mint
Straw Bana Ice: strawberry, banana and mint
Swiss Bonbon: ice mint
Watermelon: watermelon



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