Sarco Zy (100 gr) Tobacco

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SarkoZy Tobacco is one of the best tobacco producers on the Russian market. The manufacture of tobacco products is led by the famous hookah video blogger Nikolai Sarkozy, his patriotic approach to the creation of hookah mixtures makes Sarkozy products special. The quality of this tobacco is excellent, as its basis is Burley tobacco leaf of the highest grade, which has a characteristic dark tint. The fine degree of cutting of tobacco allows you to conveniently clog the bowl, which facilitates the preparation of hookah, as well as ensures uniform burning and rich taste. SarkoZy Tobacco is excellent for creating mixes, the product can be mixed with almost any type of tobacco. But most often mixed with Darkside or Must Have. The favorites of the SarkoZy flavor line are: passion fruit, aperola, currant and also jessie.



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