Amfora Chonker (Phunnel) Hookah Bowl

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Under the name Chonker
you will find new bowls produced by the traditional method of spinning fireclay on a potter’s wheel, The bowls are made with glaze. They are available in phunel model versions. These are characterized by their massive look. Inner diameter 15mm provides very open draw. The depth of the bowls ranges from about 12-15mm, which corresponds to about 15-20g of tobacco. HMD (Kaloud type) fits very well on these bowls.


recommendation: the bowl is ideal for black tobacco (tangiers or similarly), put the tobacco in the bowl fluffy, we take care of the top of the bowl so that the tobacco does not stick out over the edge, if so we press/align the top a little. cover the bowl with aluminum foil, make holes to  the aluminum foil and put Provoz and load it with charcoal, let it heat up under the tarbush for about 5 minutes and you can smoke.

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