Alpha Hookah BEAT

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A new model from Alpha Hookah that will emphasize your style and rhythm of life.


The Alpha Hookah Beat hookah kit includes:



designer ashtray

Soft Touch Silicone Hose


Magnetic connector



Materials used

Stainless steel (upper and submerged parts of the shaft, mouthpiece, connector for the bowl) and German polyacetal (lining for the shaft, base, diffuser, mouthpiece handle, connector for the hose with magnets).


The uniqueness of the style

The base has many holes, which allows you to make traction more comfortable, and purging is easy. Unlike older models, there are no balls in the base — they are in the lining on the shaft. In the overlay lies the very new feature of the hookah: when blowing (it is vertical in Beat), you can see how the balls fly up under the pressure of smoke. Unusual and beautiful.The shaft has an engraving and steel inserts on the lining. And if the overlay is removed and shaken, then the balls inside will make a sound resembling the shaking of a ball in a spray can with paint — all these are references to street style. Absolute exclusive model BEAT VANDAL has a designer ashtray and shaft covered in graffiti art pieces. 


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