Alpha Hookah Model S

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Alpha Hookah Model S are cool hookahs made by the renowned Russian brand. Their smoking devices are suitable for both new and experienced smokers. They using high-quality materials and paying attention to detail when manufacturing hookahs. Each device is crafted to be durable, beautiful and long-lasting, standing out among other products on the market.

The Model S hookahs feature high-quality execution with painting, engraving, and threaded connections. Elements made of stainless steel are powder-coated with a golden shine matching the snake design. The hookahs are easy to assemble due to precisely machined threads.

The Model S hookahs have a height of 55cm and feature small notches for a comfortable grip. The diffuser can be used in two positions, providing classic or diffused draws. The base is made of German polyacetal and has an original ventilation system that can be adjusted in a side or top direction.

The tray is fixed from the top using a connector, with less bent edges for a more elegant look. The engraving on the tray is unique and attractive. We offer a range of colours, including Black Matte, Dark Blue, Red Candy, Snow White, and Green Candy.

If you’re looking for a top hookah with a stylish design, high-quality materials and affordable pricing, browse our selection of Alpha Hookah Model S hookahs and choose your.