DMNT Korvus (New) Hookah

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We present the DMNT KORVUS hookah, a new mini size hookah, made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. It presents in its neck a resin body of the best quality and with innovative colors.

However, the best thing about this hookah is its purge that is integrated into the upper and lower part of the mast thanks to holes located under the plate and on the hookah chamber. In addition, it has been equipped with a molasses collector on the mast.


The KORVUS model DMNT Hookah has the inside of the mast and immersion tube completely made of stainless steel and the chamber is made of top quality polyacetal.

The mast is covered with molded and treated resin to achieve a great aesthetic effect and to provide it with its purge system.


Resin handle nozzle
DMNT mast.
Carved resin coating.
Molasses collector integrated in the mast.
Soft black silicone hose.
Plate with exclusive design for DMNT.
Stainless steel dip tube.
Removable and adjustable polyacetal diffuser.
hose connector.

Aspects to highlight in its functionality: It has a long and medium-width immersion tube that gives a very pleasant restriction in smoking. This model includes a large unscrewable polyacetal diffuser. Thanks to its type of diffuser it allows to change the restriction of the hookah. It is a hookah with a great backfiring, given the design and shape of its dip tube.

Without a doubt, one of the hookahs that will give a lot to talk about during 2022.



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