Ocean Fusion (Brass) Hookah

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Fusion Brass White

Modern and traditional! The Fusion Brass White combines the best features of modern and traditional pipes. A very pleasant passage. Thanks to the closed chamber system, the Fusion Brass has a great suit. The traditional material (brass) is used to support the flavor development & all without annoying seals or plug-in closure on the bowl or on the hose connection 

Brass: CNC machined. (Just like all metal parts from Ocean Hookah: Made in Germany).

– Head adapter with 18/8 cut (brass Made in Germany)
– Ash plate / coal plate 22cm (brass Made in Germany)
– Smoke column with 18/8 cut (brass Made in Germany)
– Closed Chamber Base (brass Made in Germany)
-1x hose connection (brass Made in Germany) + 1x blow-off valve (brass Made in Germany)
-1x valve ball 11mm + 1x silicone hose adapter (borosilicate glass)
– immersion tube with detachable diffuser (V2A Made in Germany)
– Fusion Brass White Bowl 22cm diameter

NOTE: Brass patinas over time, for example through touching, moisture or moisture. However, the patina can be removed by polishing with a polishing cloth and polishing paste if necessary. Polishing cloth and polishing paste are available in any well-stocked hardware store.




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