VZ Custom V2 (Large sized) Hookah

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Russian Shisha

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Large sized hookah.
With classic smoke blow out.
Fully collapsible model.
Fully rust proofed.
High quality soft touch hose.
Steel shaft.

Hookah set includes: shaft, ashtray, hose,mouthpiece.

VZ HOOKAH shisha are truly exceptional pieces. Handmade in Russia, these hookahs are special because they have a very unusual look.

The VZ HOOKAH CUSTOM V2 shisha is 52 cm and is made entirely from high quality stainless steel, making it resistant to wear and oxidation.
The base of the VZ HOOKAH CUSTOM doesn’t have a visible purge port. In fact, the purge port is directly incorporated into the base, which you’ll recognise by the small holes all around it. This shisha pipe features an 18/8 stem cut completes this shisha, so you can customise it with a molasses catcher or any other custom element.

Another unusual feature on this shisha is that the plunger has a unique diffuser. The small grommet at the end of the plunger goes up and down. For a smooth draw, the grommet should be placed in the upper position and for a more powerful draw it should be placed in the lower position.



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