Bonche (30 gr) Tobacco

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Bonche is a premium quality tobacco from a Russian manufacturer. Products are manufactured by Bonche Tobacco in Moscow. A unique feature of the company is the manufacturing technology – selected cigar raw materials are used as the basis for the hookah mixture. Thanks to the addition of natural flavors, Bonche has a bright and rich aroma, which is as close as possible to natural flavors. The company took care of preserving the taste of its product. During the production process, the mixture is placed in a glass container under vacuum; this technology does not allow the flavors to deteriorate during storage and transportation. Bonche is classified as a strong tobacco and is well suited for more experienced smokers. Also, the mixture has high heat resistance and increased smoke. When smoked, the taste is quite stable and persists for a long time. This product will be appreciated by many cigar lovers. Top flavors: Base, Dark Chocolate, Cheesecake, Rum.



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