Bonche Tobacco

Bonche is an excise tobacco based on a unique blend of 100% cigar leaf, in the development of which professionals of the cigar industry participated. Unrivaled tobacco note distinguishes the product on the market and makes it especially popular among connoisseurs and connoisseurs of hookah industry.

Each can of Bonche products passes the stage of hermetic sealing with the creation of dry vacuum inside the can, which does not allow flavorings to be weathered during storage and transportation of products. The cutting of tobacco is quite large, which unleashes the hands when preparing hookah. Bonche Tobacco products can be referred to the category of strong tobaccos, which is also characterized by high heat resistance.

Something Special is the slogan of the company, which perfectly characterizes the product and the approach of the manufacturer’s team to its business. The very concept of Bonche takes its roots from professional cigar terminology and means a cigar without a cover leaf or just a bunch of tobacco leaves of cigar filling. At the moment the product is presented in 80 g., in a stylish package and meets all the canons of a premium product.

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