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Burn Tobacco is a manufacturer of excise tobacco for hookah of premium quality. In Russia, it appeared officially in 2017. In terms of smoking properties, Burn has similarities with other products in the tobacco segment. However, technologists skillfully worked through all the shortcomings and created a unique tobacco with its own bright features, so now many amateurs and professionals of hookah culture are fanatical about it.
Burn Tobacco started its way in America, then it was possible to count on the fingers of one hand people who were engaged in the production of Burn Tobacco. The tobacco was produced for 2 years at one of the largest factories in the USA.

Burn immediately accepted the position of premium quality tobacco, so the production was located on the territory in the U.S., as it is first of all – accessibility to quality raw materials, as well as the ability to find high-profile specialists and all the necessary technical base. The tobacco was presented not in the West, but in Russia and CIS countries because these territorial markets are more demanding to the quality of the product. Based on the successful start on the market, it was decided to move the production from the USA to Russia.

In order for the production to continue to follow all necessary international quality standards, a factory was built in the Moscow region. This allowed the Bern brand to emphasize on improving the quality of the product, and subsequently receive the excise stamp in 2018. And a year later to take the title of “Tobacco of the Year” at the annual Hookah club show.


Burn Tobacco has two strength ranges: Burn (light) and Black Burn (stronger).

Premium French Virginia Gold tobacco leaf is the base for the light line of Burn tobacco. It has an ideal medium strength, absorbs flavoring well and reveals rich notes when smoked.

During the production process, the tobacco leaf is soaked in honey. Due to this, the product has a bright flavor, has a soft pull, high smoke and does not lose taste properties, which is not unimportant. Stable analysis and monitoring of their activities allowed manufacturers to improve the flavor and not only the qualities of tobacco.

The strong line of Black Burn uses a special blend of Burley sheets – Toasted Burley. Raw materials for Black Burn come from America, but flavorings are purchased from manufacturers from all over the world: America, France, Germany, even Japan.

There is no need to dry the tobacco of Burn and Black Burn lines, as the amount of syrup is moderate, it is perfect for work. The selected tobacco leaf blends are not afraid of heat and overheating, and do not need additional cutting.


The classic or light line of Burn tobacco is recommended to be scored fluffily on “Phunnel” type cups, a light touch with kalaud is allowed. This type of piling reveals all the facets of Burn flavors and ready mixes, gives maximum smokiness and brightness. In mixes with other tobacco brands Burn feels confident, does not get lost in the general range of flavors, giving the right flavor accents.

The Black Burn line can be scored in any way and on any cup, (but preferably a classic turba, “killashka” or alien). The manufacturer himself highly recommends to try the “fat touch” to get the maximum strength and smokiness. Thanks to the unique Toasted Burley blend, the product does not “hit the throat” and smokes quite softly, while getting high and saturating with nicotine.


  • Berried Treasure (Berry Journey). Raspberry, Watermelon, Citrus. Let’s remember summer and immerse ourselves in a berry and fruit vibe.
  • Cactus. One of the unusual flavors in the Burn lineup. It is a refreshing yet sweet flavor, like a mix of pear and melon with a slight chill.
  • Lemon mint. Then keep Burn – Lemon mint tobacco with cooling lemon and mint, just what you need for a boost of energy.
  • Blueberry mint. The rich flavor of fragrant blueberries and refreshing mint. Here the berry is sweet and tart, and the mint component is quite mild.
  • Casablanca. Cola with mojito. Burn tobacco – Casablanca is a curious and bold refreshing mix of cola and mojito. It perfectly complements the festive atmosphere, so it is ideal for hookahs during parties in a noisy group of friends.
  • Ananas shock (Sour pineapple). The natural flavor of pineapple in a sour expression. Enjoy the bright tropical sourness of the juicy fruit that tingles your tongue!
  • Apple shock (Sour apple). A young green sour apple may be just what you’ve been looking for.
    Irish cream a’la Baileys Liqueur. Black Burn tobacco with Irish cream flavor is characterized by strength and variety of flavors.
  • Something Berry (Berry Mix). Berry bouquet right from the bush on your cottage, or maybe not on your cottage, the main thing is that from the bush.
  • Browni. This chocolate dessert envelops you with its flavor and saturates you with a sweetness that will make you dizzy.
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