Darkside: TOP-10 flavors

The manufacturer of DARKSIDE flavor lines uses Burley blend and applies special Unwashed/Boiled technology, which allows the tobacco leaf to open up and better absorb the flavorings. Tobacco leaf for DARKSIDE comes from Asia and Africa, flavorings for the flavors are supplied from Germany.


  • Torpedo is a flavorful combination of melon and watermelon that immerses you in the memories of summer. You taste it once and remember it forever.
  • Cosmo Flower is a pleasant floral flavor that mixes well with sweet fruits. Juicy peach pulp or delicious .
  • Extragon is that childhood flavor and favorite soda tarragon. Try it both solo and in mixes.
  • Fruity Dust – the flavor of the already famous but still exotic pitahaya. This fruit also has another name – dragon’s eye.
  • Supernova – a truly chilling cold. It is safe to say that its coolness will be a worthy addition to any mix. But our hookah experts believe that the cold is most delicious in combination with banana.
  • Bananapapa – this flavor strongly resembles a real ripe banana, sometimes you feel that you are smoking with it – natural flavor and perfect sweetness without sweetness.
  • Falling Star – juicy mango and passion fruit in one bowl. Or rather, in one hookah bowl:)
  • DarkSide Eclipse – popular refreshing Halls lollipops with honey and tangerine flavor. An original flavor that is a must try.
  • Bounty Hunter – the flavor of Bounty candy bar is captured with 100% accuracy.
  • Wild Forest – the flavor of ripe garden strawberries. You will like it both solo and in combination with dessert flavors or with other berries and fruits.
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