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Duft tobacco is a product of a Russian manufacturer. The tobacco consists of a blend of Burley varieties of European origin and cigar blend DAC (Dark Air Cured Tobacco), which includes such varieties as Mata Norte (Brazil), Pennsylvania (USA), Kentucky (Italy), Isabella (Philippines), Criollo la Vega (Dominican Republic). It is thanks to this, as well as special technologies of raw material processing, that the moderate strength for which DUFT is famous is achieved.

Duft has quite good heat resistance. The product has natural flavorings in its composition, and rather fine and homogeneous, as well as moderate moisture of tobacco makes it universal for any bowls and types of clogging. The almost complete absence of twigs and sticks can also be considered a big plus.

Hookah tobacco DUFT counts different lines, developed, among other things, with selebrities. Let’s take a closer look at these and other DUFT lineups.


DUFT Pheromone with Aiza Dolmatova (Anokhina)
In early 2021, Duft pleased its audience with a line Pheromone, the face of which became Aiza. The line is positioned as a collection of tobacco “created for women – by women”.

This line is based on a low-nicotine blend of Burley varieties of European origin, thanks to which smoking is comfortable and tobacco feels light. Separately, it is worth highlighting the concept of the line – these are bright and balanced mixes, perfectly selected based on women’s taste preferences.

Of course, it is not without disadvantages. The line is presented only in the volume of 25 grams, which, of course, is very convenient for getting acquainted with the product, but it is extremely important when preferences are formed and the audience has their favorite flavors.

The most popular flavors of the Pheromone line:

  • Lil’ Charm – a sweet berry combination of wild strawberry and garden raspberry and sour barberry.
    Sugar Blush – a delicate dessert flavor of creamy cheesecake with a light banana tinge and a pleasant coconut note on the aftertaste.
  • Lush Love – a combination of sweet and tender raspberry, crunchy coconut and unique almond flavor.
  • Sixth Sense – juicy flavor based on tender mango, juicy passion fruit and gooseberry with characteristic sourness.
  • Pink Princess – multifaceted flavor based on strawberry, diluted with unique sour lychee and light grapefruit bitterness.


This line represents a part of the main line, but includes only solo flavors that are great to smoke alone and feel great in mixes.

These are bright and natural flavors that are perfect for everyday use. You can always find the perfect combination for yourself based on several flavors, or you can choose any of the flavors to smoke solo.

The most popular flavors of this line are:

  • Cheesecake- the sweet creamy flavor of a classic dessert.
  • Blackcurrant- bright berry flavor, sweet, with a slight tart note.
  • Orange zest- a bright sweet orange soda flavor that is sure not to get boring.
  • Masha&Bear – light sweet and sour flavor of wild strawberry.
  • Pineapple – ripe tropical flavor of juicy pineapple pulp.


Duft Checkmate
This is an exclusive line of DUFT brand, developed in cooperation with the largest hookah retail chains. This line also includes flavors from PiterSmoke.

This is a special series of flavors, developed not only by DUFT’s leading flavorists, but also by our partners’ specialists. The tobacco blend is based on a premium blend of Burley varieties of European origin. DUFT CHECKMATE combines bright, natural aroma, high strength with the most comfortable and soft smoking.

We recommend trying the following flavors:

  • Green Smoothie – a unique taste of invigorating non-alcoholic drink based on tropical fruits and berries flavored with herbs.
  • Orange and peach – bright, unexpected, but unobtrusive combination of orange and peach.
  • Cookie Curabier – the bright, dessert flavor of a cookie “curabier”.

How to score DUFT?
Products in all Duft lines are fairly heat-loving, but you still shouldn’t overheat your tobacco. We’ve put together a simple recommendation that will work great for DUFT tobaccos:

Use a straight bowl or fannell, it all depends on your preference.
Stack the tobacco airily with minimal taper from the edges of the bowl. If you prefer a lighter strength, tamp the tobacco slightly in the bowl.
Warm the tobacco over 4 25mm coals for 5 minutes.
Smolder and smoke on 3 coals

DUFT is the kind of brand that doesn’t stand still. The guys are actively working on the formulation, new products and improve the already released ones, thanks to which, are becoming more and more popular and known in the hookah market.

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