The most important things about Musthave tobacco


Musthave tobacco is a Russian hookah tobacco from the town of Pogar, Bryansk region. It was first presented at the Johncalliano exhibition in 2017, went on sale in 2018 immediately with an excise stamp.

Let’s talk a little about the brand’s philosophy. The guys believe that their tobacco has optimal strength and incredible aromatics, hence the meaning of such a name – tobacco that everyone should buy and try. Indeed, the tobacco has gained immense popularity despite its young history. At the moment, Musthave is among the top Russian tobaccos.



Musthave tobacco is a finely cut leaf of medium strength with abundant syrup. Natural, bright and juicy flavorings are used in manufacturing, which gives the product more intense flavor notes. Experts from Japan, USA and Europe worked on the flavorings, which already speaks about the high quality of the product.

Burley leaf from seven different countries is used as raw material. The tobacco has a medium heat resistance, it can withstand overheating poorly, but the flavor can be restored.



Musthave can be smoked on any bowl depending on your wishes. It smokes great on both classic bowls and veneers. Musthave is “conservative” in a sense, it doesn’t require any extra movements and manipulations when filling, it is enough to fill it in the classical way and enjoy the smoky relaxation.

Tobacco is abundantly soaked in syrup, the manufacturers themselves do not recommend to squeeze it, so as not to feel bitterness when smoking. In mixes with more heat-resistant tobaccos, it is better to hide it in the bottom layer of the filling.



  • “Pinkman” – a mix of pink grapefruit and strawberry flavored with raspberry syrup.
  • “Berry Holls” – a delightfully refreshing flavor of fresh wild berries, flavored with the cool breath of eucalyptus.
  • “Pineapple Rings” – the taste of juicy sweet pineapple rings marinated in their own juice.
  • “Melonade” – bright flavor of lemonade based on watermelon juice, slices of juicy ripe melon and barberry syrup.
  • “Unicorn Treats” – the taste of sweet crunchy corn sticks with creamy notes of meringue and marshmallow.
  • “Lemon-Lime” – citrus sweet and sour mix based on ripe lime and slices of juicy Sicilian lemon.
  • “Strawberry-Lychee” – velvet sweet combination of ripe melting in the mouth forest strawberries and exotic ripe lychee.
  • “Apple Drops” – juicy natural flavor of sweet fresh apple candies melting in your mouth.
  • “Kiwi Smoothie” – intriguing sweet and sour flavor of Australian kiwi, peppermint and apple juice.
  • “Coconut Shake” – the sweet exotic flavor of fresh coconut shake blended in the shade of ocean coast palm trees.
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