Fake Tobacco

The tobacco is available in small round boxes of 40 or 100 grams. The boxes have a minimalistic but original design. Each flavor has its own design: for example, Fake Little Big tobacco (Cherry juice with pomegranate) is sold in a package with the image of a fingerprint, which shimmers in red-green stripes.

Fake blends are suitable for those who want to spend time at the hookah, enjoying the flavor of quality tobacco. For this purpose, we have created such a line of bright flavors that can appeal to a lot of buyers.

In the composition, in addition to tobacco leaves, quality flavorings are used. Here are a few advantages:

quality cut tobacco;
harmonious combinations of ingredients (blends and flavorings);
convenient and original packaging;
variety of flavors;
easy use, optimal heat resistance.
All these characteristics make Fake hookah blends a good choice for beginners and experienced users. They do not require any additional processing before filling, can be combined with mixtures of other manufacturers.

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