Rave by HQD Tobacco

HQD introduced a new direction for themselves in August 2023 – RAVE light cooked shisha tobacco. HQD, known for its high quality and innovative approaches, offers a wide range of flavors, and Rave is one of their highlights.

The quality and thoughtfulness of each flavor is a specialty of HQD. They produce their tobacco using only the highest quality ingredients, which undergo rigorous quality control. This ensures that you’ll find exceptional flavor and enjoyment in every snuff of Rave tobacco.

What is the specialty of Rave tobacco?
Rave’s selection of flavors is impressively diverse. They offer classic flavors like apple, grape, and mint, as well as unique combinations like orange and peach or blueberry and mint lemonade. Each flavor is thought out to the smallest detail to satisfy the most demanding hookah lovers.

An attractive feature of HQD’s Rave hookah tobacco is its ability to retain flavor intensity for a long time. Thanks to the unique production process and innovative technologies, this tobacco can offer a stable and intense flavor throughout the hookah session, and the bright packaging will attract the eye and make Rave stand out among many other manufacturers.

The experience of using Rave tobacco evokes positive emotions. Well-balanced softness and dense smoke make it an ideal choice for hookah lovers who want to enjoy quality and unsurpassed flavor.

HQD’s Rave hookah tobacco is an excellent choice for all hookah connoisseurs seeking superior quality and genuine enjoyment from every session. When you turn to Rave, you will find that this brand will be your trusted and loyal companion in the world of hookah enjoyment.

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