Soex Tobacco

Soex nicotine-free tobacco – the pleasure of hookah without nicotine. If not so long ago it was simply impossible for people who refused from nicotine addiction or simply non-smokers to smoke hookah, then with the advent of nicotine-free blends, the flavorful world of delicious smoky hookah has opened up for everyone.

What SOEX is made of
One of the brightest representatives of the niche of nicotine-free tobaccos is the product of Indian production of the brand Soex. In fact, it is not tobacco, but a mixture of herbs. Their composition is completely unclassified and is available for study on any Soex package. Instead of tobacco leaf, bagasse is used for the production of this hookah refueling. This is the remains of processed sugar cane, which are crushed and impregnated with flavorings. By the way, soex mixtures have an optimal impregnation, although they can refer closer to dry.

The flavor variety of nicotine-free Soex blends will please everyone who wants to smoke hookah smoke with the least harm to health. You can choose from classic watermelon, grape, apple or original lychee, cardamom, pina colada. In total, the line of soex has approximately 30 flavors.

Quality nicotine-free tobacco from a well-known manufacturer
SOEX – Indian smokingnicotine-free mixture for hookahs from the famous company Afzal is characterized by high quality, made of natural components, it does not include tobacco leaf. It is made on the basis of sugar cane and its functionality is not inferior to its tobacco analogs. The modern fashion for a healthy lifestyle has pushed many to give up nicotine, replacing tobacco with harmless compositions for the smoker. The company offers a wide range of flavors that will please hookah lovers.

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