Afzal Tobacco

Bright and memorable from the first moments of Indian tobacco Afzal enjoys great popularity all over the world, impressing with its variety and richness of flavor. In our online store you can find dozens of flavors of this unique tobacco, and order them in minutes, even without leaving home.

Afzal tobacco pleases with a whole family of impressive tobacco flavors for every taste. At the heart of the success of this brand is the use of sweet molasses, providing a persistent flavor without excessive bitterness and unpleasant aftertaste. At the same time, the tobacco itself came to the Russian market only a few years ago, and therefore is still quite capable of surprising many hookah lovers with its original and exotic flavors.

Afzal tobacco has a medium strength and high temperature stability. It is distributed in packing of 50 grams and one kilogram for real fans. Also this tobacco does not require special preparation before smoking and at the same time is characterized by a high duration of smoldering, having a medium smokiness. A great option for both beginners and experienced smokers.

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