Serbetli Tobacco

Serbetli tobacco blends are produced exclusively from high quality natural raw materials and safe flavorings. The main component is Virginia tobacco leaves. Ideal leaves of large size are selected for production.

Serbetli also uses an interesting impregnation recipe, which includes natural honey. It is this component that neutralizes the bitterness of tobacco leaves. Thanks to this, the refills acquire a mild and pleasant flavor.

Tobacco is packed in packages from 50 to 200 grams. The box itself is reliably protected from drying out and leaking of the mixture. When opening it, you can notice that the leaves are cut quite coarsely. But at the same time, it will not be very difficult to grind it into a single mass thanks to the high-quality soaking. Also, Serbetli is characterized by excellent smokiness and stamina. You can smoke such a hookah for an hour without weakening the flavor and bitterness. It is very difficult to burn the tobacco mixture because of its good heat resistance.

Serbetli is considered a light tobacco, which is perfect for beginners and women. It has a fairly low strength. For a long period of time the company produced only 20 flavors, but today everything has changed dramatically. Serbetli offers smokers a huge number of options that include both traditional flavors and unusual mixes.

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