Malaysian Mix Tobacco

MALAYSIAN MIX – a mix of tea leaf with different flavors, for smoking hookah. Hookah mix Malaysian Mix is already more than 20 rich bright mono flavors and mixes for smoking hookah for every day. The peculiarity of “tobacco for hookah” is the presence of a special capsule with cold, which you can add at your discretion, ie there is an opportunity to complement your mix strong Malaysian cold, and leave the mixture without cold, depending on your preferences.

Another significant plus is that you can add the necessary amount of cold to any mix yourself. The capsule with Malaysian Cooler is in a packet separately and when added does not impart unnecessary odors and flavors, adds a pleasant cooling effect to the mix.

The strength of Malaysian Mix is divided into two types Medium and Hard.

Medium – despite the name, it is quite easy to smoke, at the level of light tobaccos;
Hard – a stronger version, suitable for those who like the average level of tobacco strength in hookah.
The package contains 50 grams of hookah mixture.

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