Khan Burley Tobacco

Khan Burley is the pride of the Horde. Tobacco that is heavier than it looks. Tobacco that is brighter than you’ve ever had before. A tobacco that is as strong as you’ve always wanted it to be.

Khan Burley is based on a blend of tested Burley tobacco leaf. Thanks to a special leaf processing technology, Khan Burley is mild, has a significant natural nicotine content, and has a pleasant tobacco base flavor with a chocolate tinge.

Khan Burley palette is 13 bright and rich flavors, presented in mixes and solos to suit your taste in convenient 40 gram packs.

Tobacco is self-sufficient. It likes heat and is not at all unpretentious in filling, perfectly reveals its best qualities in the bowl and does not require a special approach. Special attention should be paid to manual cleaning of tobacco leaf from branches. We’ve made sure that every tobacco puff is perfect.

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