Endorphin Tobacco

Endorphin is a new Russian tobacco for hookah from the creators of MustHave, made on the basis of Virginia Gold leaves that have undergone a unique technological processing. The tobacco was released in 2021, but has already managed to win the love and recognition of connoisseurs of hookah genre for good smoke, moderate strength and excellent flavor characteristics.

Reliable and airtight packaging holds 60 grams of the product. It retains freshness and moisture for a long time, preventing the product from scattering. Unlike previous MustHave product packaging, it is square instead of round. You can store as long as you need and also take it with you on the go.

Endorphin brand tobacco features honest, natural flavors and great smoking properties. It includes certified natural ingredients from the best foreign manufacturers. Light and tasty, it can easily handle the responsibilities of a smoky recreation. The line includes 20 different flavors. Most of them are represented by mono flavors, and the rest of them by interesting mixes.

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